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Automatic mouse switcher consists of two applications written using Qt4 libraries:

If you followed default installation scenario, you should have automatic mouse switcher background process started. It should also be configured to automatically start this process when user logs in, and close it on logoff.

You can ensure background process is started by checking Windows Task Manager (activated by Ctrl+Shift+Esc) - process names amswitcher.exe should be launched with current user credentials.

You can check whether background process will be automatically started when user logs in, or manually enable or disable it using configuration utility.

Do not forget to press Save each time to want to apply settings.
For advanced users - background process startup is defined in registry HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/Automatic Mouse Switcher.


It is generally recommended to accept default settings during whole installation unless you know what you do. Note that if you do not install libraries required, you must ensure that required libraries are available on your computer somewhere else, and that they are in PATH.
Quick walk-through installation process is below:

Basic configuration

To configure automatic mouse switcher please follow next simple steps: Configuration is kept in registry for each user separately.

Advanced settings

In addition to configuration described above, you can modify some parameters via registry. Such changes might require you to restart background switcher.
You can add or alter the following keys into HKCU(HKLM)/Software/Automatic Mouse Switcher/Automatic Mouse Switcher